Every state has a few street names that are good for a chuckle, but we think that Texas is well-positioned to claim the title as the state with the best street names in the US.

Considering its size and the number of streets required to get around it makes sense right? Let us know if you feel differently, but at least let us present our case. Without further ado, we give you the six best street names that you could only find in the Lone Star state. Enjoy!

Gun Fight Lane, Austin

Turns out Gun Fight Lane is a picturesque, tree-lined residential street. No bandits here!

This Way Street, Lake Jackson

This Way Street

There’s definitely a “Who’s on First?” type of joke to be made with This Way Street (Which way? This Way! What?), but we’re going to let your imagination fill that one in. Architect Alden B. Dow designed the city layout and six housing designs for Lake Jackson. The often unconventional Dow playfully named all the streets radiating from downtown Lake Jackson to end with the word “way”.

Trivia: Alden B. Dow is the son of Dow Chemical founder Herbert Henry Dow. Yes, that’s the company that Ken Cosgrove’s father-in-law works for…

Bossy Boots Drive, Allen

Bossy Boots Drive

We don’t know exactly where to start with this oddity. We couldn’t dig up anything on the origin of it either, so if any Allen, TX street name etymology buffs see this, give us a holler.

Woman Hollering Road, Schertz

Woman hollering
We’re not sure how this street earned its rather noisy moniker, this rural area near San Antonio seems pretty peaceful to us.

Just My Style, San Antonio

Just My Style
We’ll shut up and let Gary Lewis and the Playboys do all the talking (or singing) for this one. This swinging street also happens to be home to Wilshire Homes‘ housing development Champions Park.

Tank Destroyer Boulevard, Killeen

Tank Destroyer Boulevard

Google doesn’t have Streetview for Tank Destroyer Boulevard and we’re guessing it’s got everything to do with its proximity to Fort Hood. There’s a nearby middle school that has claimed 51000 Tank Destroyer Boulevard as its address. Bad ass…

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