Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 11.26.11 AM BuzzBuzzHome recently attended what can only be described as a “human generated power party” in downtown Toronto thrown by acclaimed architecture firm, RAW.

Held atop a rooftop parking garage on Adelaide Street West, the event featured awesome human powered generators that supplied energy to the event.

Among the epic spectacles were 10 bicycle generators provided created by ASE Power, an Arizona company that dreams up novel ways of producing alternative sustainable energy.

After learning that ASE has also powered events for companies such as NBC and Universal Studios, we had to get ASE’s CEO, Brooks Mascheimer on the phone to learn more about his company’s alternative energy vision.

Check out the interview below!

BuzzBuzzHome: How was the idea of the bike generators first formed?

Brooks Mascheimer: The bicycle generator that we make was conceptualized by workers out of Intel who are currently owners of ASE, they combined the idea with a couple other ideas out of Intel. Then Roman Stanton and I came in and added the solar side of the generator. They conceived making the power and then me and Roman helped facilitate that power to be utilized directly to get back to the grid.

BBH: What sets your bike generators apart from those made by other companies?

BM: Our niche is mass production for ages two all the way up to professional riders. What you’ll mostly see out there is garage style units that are specific to the rider and not really adaptable for public use. What we offer is a product for everybody, not just only gyms or museums.

We make our bikes useful. We put power plugs on there, and redundant protection, we have software displays that project how much power the rider is actually creating and all those different attributes are making us different than our competition.

BBH: Other than being eco-friendly and preserving energy, are there any other benefits to using bike generators?

BM: The interesting thing about this particular product is that the bigger the apparatus that you want to power, the harder it is to pedal so in direct relationship with that and various resistances going on, you become a lot more fit.

BBH: You offer to sell the generator without the bicycle, can people use their everyday bike as a generator when using indoor trainers?

BM: Yes most definitely. That’s our highest valued product. It’s called the Pedal Powered Generator (PPG) line, and it’s basically 8 frame bicycle trainers. That’s the kind that anybody can put on their bike to train, and then take it off and bike wherever they want.

BBH: How has the feedback been from customers in Canada?

BM: Lately the Canadian sales have picked up. I’ve been receiving a lot of Facebook and social media attention and a lot of enquiries based off of that. The numbers are reflecting quite nicely because of it.

ASE- brooks

Brooks Mascheimer using a bicycle generator to power his laptop.

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