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A couple of weeks back we told you that Westbank would be releasing tower homes at 188 Keefer on Saturday, July 27th. And exciting as that is, today we’re upping the ante by letting you know that the event will include a limited opportunity for buyers to save $20,000.

The one-day buying incentive is available to the first 10 purchasers of a 188 Keefer two-bedroom tower home with parking. The homes in this 21-storey building will offer spectacular views of the mountains, ocean, and downtown Vancouver. The interiors will boast Miele appliances, high gloss laminate cabinets, engineered hardwood flooring, custom back painted glass backsplash and gas cooktop stoves.

Doors open on the tower sales event at 12pm on Saturday, July 27th, but you can preview the homes prior by visiting the presentation centre at 190 Keefer Street, open daily from 12pm to 6pm (except Fridays).

For more information call 604 620 2018, email or visit their website here.

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