House About It Flickr Photo by Calsidyrose If your waking moments are spent considering curb appeal and scrolling through new listings, you have a lot in common with other Canadians.

Zoocasa, a subsidiary of Rogers and a growing online real estate website, released the results of a new cross-country poll and it seems we are a nation with housing on the mind. And if you’re based in the GTA, you’re more likely to have a full blown obsession.

According the the survey, 84 per cent of Canadians think about real estate on a regular basis. About 47 per cent of people in the GTA describe either themselves or a friend or family member as real estate obsessed compared to 34 per cent of people nation-wide.

The poll, conducted during the NHL playoffs, found that just as many people in the GTA found real estate to be a common topic of chatter as hockey.

While watching the ups and downs and competing views on market health is turning real estate into a new national past time (sorry hockey), it also looks like the way Canadians feed their new fixation is changing.

According to Abacus Data, 85 per cent of people window shopped for homes online last year. However, that doesn’t mean Canadians are turning off their digital devices to check out the spaces in real time: only 28 per cent have set foot in an open house.

About 94 per cent of Canadians say it’s important to have access to the complete information about a home or condo online before they’d even considering making a trip to see it in person.

There you have it: our houses, condos and townhomes are ever in our thoughts and on our screens.

Photo: House About It by Calsidyrose via Flickr.

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