Ontario Place has spent more than a year looking eerily abandoned, but the wheels are now in motion to return at least part of its grounds to its former glory.

Ontario’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, Michael Chan, announced on Wednesday that part of the Ontario Place grounds will be transformed into a new urban park and waterfront trail. The park will be four times the size of BMO field and is slated to be built on a parking lot that has been closed to the public for 40 years.

Details have yet to be announced regarding what the parkland will feature, but we have a few suggestions of our own. Check them out below…


The Szechenyi Baths in Budapest City Park is one of the largest spas in Europe and runs year round. It might not work so well in Toronto’s winter months, but it could be the most popular spot in town in the summer. Photo: RecoveringVagabond/Flickr

koi pond This koi pond is located in Shanghai’s Yu Garden. Pressures of urban living got you feeling like you need to get out of town? Grab a seat by a koi pond and feel that stress just melt away. Photo: burns!/Flickr


In keeping with the Ontario Place’s kid-friendly tradition, a carousel ride like the famous one in Central Park should be essential for the new park. Someone has got to do something for the kids! Photo: Blastframe/Flickr

park guell Park Guell in Barcelona is an urban park/wonderland designed by the world-renowned architect, Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi injected a big dose of whimsy in his design and the park has since become a major tourist attraction. We think Toronto could stand to lighten up a little bit, so maybe some fantastical architecture is exactly what this new park needs. Photo: ale3andro/Flickr


City Park in New Orleans has an 18 hole golf course. Wouldn’t be awesome having a golf course overlooking Lake Ontario in the heart of the city? Photo: cityparkgolf.com

segway polo Golf isn’t your game? Maybe segway polo is more your speed. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has a field dedicated to the sport that (we assume) is rapidly gaining popularity across North America. Photo: Franco Folini/Flickr

penguins We’ve always had a soft spot for Montreal’s Biodome and would love to see the concept replicated here. We know Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is opening in September, but all we really want is a place to check out some penguins doing their thing. After all, puffins are wicked cute. Photo: Marcio Cabral de Moura/Flickr

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