In the past we’ve shared with you the most brilliantly repurposed buildings, and this week we’re looking inside that concept with our favorite converted room projects. You know, just in case you were looking for some design ideas for your under-used garage or horse stable…

They say that people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. Well, people who visit this glass-floor lavatory best heed that advice as well, lest they find themselves taking the too-fast route down an elevator shaft.

Glass floor bathroom elevator shaft

This garage-turned-living room certainly has an impressive design, but occupants will want to ensure the car is never left idling.

garage living room

Just like the bathroom over the elevator shaft, you can’t let the vacant area at the summit of a clock tower go to waste. The best part about this space is that it won’t matter if the clock microwave is flashing 12:00 — residents should still have no problem timing their boiling eggs.

clock tower penthouse

When the horses have been put out to pasture, you can convert their stables into a rustic kitchen and dining area.

converted horse stables-1

converted horse stables

The Bedford restaurant in Chicago was originally a 1920s bank, as you can plainly see.

Bank restaurant

We also approve of this water tower-turned-bedroom in the Netherlands.

Water tower bedroom

And finally, while it’s not really a conversion project, this water garden from the Ellerslie International Flower Show in New Zealand doubles as a pretty comfortable-looking living space.

This water garden

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