A unique bathtub can say a lot about a person. Like, for example, ‘I’m committed to cleanliness but I loathe standing up for short periods of time.’ Here now, seven bizarre bathtub designs.

The hammock bathtub was designed for lazy bathers.

Hammock bathtubPhoto: Splinter Works

The glass tub is for exhibitionists who have graduated beyond simply leaving the door ajar.

glass bathtubPhoto: The Lux Home

For those who enjoy taunting the local shark population there’s the ocean-side, glass-bottom tub.

glass bottom tubPhoto: imgur

The breathtaking bathtub with a view at 432 Park Avenue in New York says: “I have a lot of money.”

432-Park-bathtubRendering: dbox

Before the advent of indoor plumbing, people would bathe in barrels. The wooden bathtub harkens back to those simplier times.

wooden bathtubPhoto: The Lux Home

The wall-mounted bathing orb… Is it a shower or is it a bathtub? It’s from the future, is what it is.

wall bathtub

Photo: interspace-design

The Ying Yang-shaped bathtub is for couples who like to cleanse themselves in an intimate setting, but not so intimate that they’re forced to touch one another.

double bathtubPhoto: imgur

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