The “Points” wayfinding device bills itself as “the most advanced directional sign on Earth,” and we can’t disagree.

Unlike conventional signs, Points has three arrow-shaped LCD displays that not only cycle through different bits of information, but also have the ability to point in different directions.

“Points features a menu which updates as everything around it does,” explains New York-based design firm Breakfast on their website. “As more appropriate, popular, or timely events approach, the menu refreshes its options.”

Points even pulls information from social media platforms so if a user selects “tweets” from the menu screen one of the arrows will aim itself in the direction of whatever is trending, like, say a local music festival.

As Gizmodo points out, a lot of this information is already available on any smartphone but Points earns, ahem, points for being convenient to use and probably a lot more trustworthy than Apple Maps.

Right now Points is available for rent for special events but the company has plans to build a weather-proof model “with the ability to be permanently installed.” Tell your municipal government about it today.

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