Parking spaces Boston If you think you pay a lot for parking in your city, this story will make you think twice the next time you start complaining.

According to an Associated Press report, a Boston woman paid an astonishing $560,000 for two off-street parking spaces in the Back Bay area of the city. The spots were seized from their previous owner and then auctioned off to Lisa Blumenthal by the Internal Revenue Service.

Blumenthal, who lives nearby, told the Boston Globe that the spots will come in handy for guests and workers.

Parking is a hot commodity in Boston and the city’s inhabitants have been known to break the bank on coveted spaces. For a single spot, the record selling price is $300,000.

In its report, The Associated Press cheekily (or depressingly) noted that the median price of a single family home in the city is $313,000.

Is there some gold dust sprinkled in those yellow parking lines that enclose the spaces? If so, we’re cool with the price tag.

Photo via Ricky Romero.

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