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Deerhurst is one of the most widely known names in Muskoka, having been in the business of providing outdoor (and indoor) entertainment to those venturing north of Toronto for many years.

The renowned resort can certainly accommodate those who simply want kick back with a good book during their time off during the summer months. However, if you’re the super outdoorsy type who wants to get a morning swim in before your golf game which will be followed up by a hike, Deerhurst is definitely your speed too.

To mark the arrival of the summer weather, we decided to count down some of the best summer activities Deerhurst has to offer. You might even find yourself so inspired by the wonders of the great outdoors that you’ll consider purchasing at Deerhurst Golf Cottages or the new Deerhurst Sanctuary. Enjoy the list!

Go tree top trekking
tree top trekking Conquer your fear of heights or just get that adrenaline rush that you need! All you need to do is strap on your helmet and walking amongst the tree tops. Some find it relaxing while others think it’s thrilling — either way it’s a lot of fun.

Unleash your inner Tiger Woods
golf The Deerhurst resort grounds are home to not one, but two(!) golf courses.

Spend the day in your swimsuit
waterfront When the mercury rises in mid-July, there’s no better place to be than near a body of water. Deerhurst Resort has plenty of those, and their special Splash Zone is equipped with an assortment of inflatables that are sure to enhance your aquatic experience.

Saddle up
horseback riding Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time in the saddle, Deerhurst has got you covered. Deerhurst offers guided horseback tours that will allow you to get up close and personal with nature.

Are your kids horse-obsessed, but a little too young to go riding with you? Luckily, at Deerhurst your kids can go…

Ride a pony
pony Because not everyone is ready for the big leagues.

Go stand-up paddle boarding
canoe Finally, someone has combined surfing and canoeing.

Hit the arcade
Arcade Leave the Nintendo DS at home and try your hand at some good old fashioned arcade games!

Deerhurst is owned and operated by Skyline. For more information on opportunities to purchase at Deerhurst, call 1 866 791 4744.

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