May saw some wild weather that changed on a daily basis from boiling hot to hail storms to the optimal spring temperature. While the weather was wonky, it appears that  people’s passion for new construction homes was as consistent as ever.

We’re counting down May’s most popular developments on BuzzBuzzHome in major markets. Below are the ten most-viewed listings in Ontario for the month of May. Enjoy!

10. The Royal Collection by Zancor Homes


9. Me Living Condos by Lash Group of Companies


8. Pure Living by Mosaik Homes 

pure living

7. The High Park Condos by Northdrive


6. Mount Pleasant Creditview & Bovaird by Great Gulf

mount pleasant creditview & bovaird

5. Fairground Lofts in Old Woodbridge Village by Wycliffe Homes


4. The Mod’rn Condominium by ADI Development Group


3. Upper Unionville by Paradise Homes, Arista Homes, Starlane Homes, and Fieldgate Homes

upper unionville

2. Town Central at Pickering Town Centre by Emery Homes


1. ParkCity Condominiums by Tobyn Park Homes


For the second month in a row ParkCity has taken top spot of most visited developments! People are loving the Burlington developments chic look. Stay tuned to find out if ParkCity can hold on for a three-peat!

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