Strut app Iphone exploration game

Harnessing the power of social media shaming and online competition, Strut, a mobile app exclusive to the iPhone, encourages its users to discover “every nook and cranny of  their cities.”

The game works like this: Once the free app is downloaded it will show a map of the world covered in tiles. Users can then create an account or sign in with Facebook or Twitter. From there, your movements will be tracked with your iPhone’s GPS system (yeah, a little creepy). The more you move around, the more tiles disappear. Your tile totals are shared through social media and with other Strut users (As of Friday evening, the top Strut-ter had removed nearly 145,000 tiles).

“After using the app for a couple of weeks, a map of your life starts to reveal itself,” explains the Pop-Up City blog. “All of sudden, you get a visualization of your daily routine, which encourages taking a different route twice or three times a week.”

So maybe you’ll find a faster commute to work or a back alley restaurant you never knew existed. Or maybe Strut will be your way of announcing to the world that you’re a recluse and a shut-in. Either way, it’s quite a bit of fun.

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