The ongoing Ontario elevator maintenance worker strike has high-rise inhabitants across the province feeling a little nervous, but there’s still plenty to love about those shiny metal boxes that can get you to your home or office in mere seconds.

The elevator has enjoyed a rich history that’s full of innovation. And, as those skyscrapers just get taller and taller, elevator designs will surely become even more exciting. Scroll down to check out/admire our choices for the world’s coolest elevators. Enjoy!


The AquaDom, located at the Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin-Mitte, Germany, has a transparent elevator in the middle of an 82 foot-tall aquarium! Home to more than 1500 fish from 50 different species, it takes up to four divers and almost 18 pounds of food a day to keep the fish fed! Photo via Popular Mechanics.


The Hammetschwand Lift in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, is the tallest outdoor elevator in Europe. Standing 499 feet high, the ride take 48 seconds and offers amazing views of the Alps and Lucerne’s crystal blue waters. Photo via Origin of Cool.


The SkyView is one of the most talked about elevator projects in recent years. Designed by the Swedish company, Liftbyggarna, the funicular has a leveling system that allows it to transport people to the top of the Globen in Stockholm. What a view of the city that would be! Photo via Liftbyggarna.


Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the Santa Justa Lift is a popular attraction for tourists. The gothic style elevator connects downtown streets with the uphill Carmo Square. The 45 meter tall structure was designed by Raul Mesnier de Ponsardand. Photo via Origin of Cool.


The Inclinator at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is pretty sweet! The shape of the Luxor is a pyramid, which means the elevator travels up the side of the pyramid at a 39 degree angle. Photo via Oddee.

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The Bailong Elevator in China is a 326 metre high lift that takes people up the side of one of the massive cliffs in Zhangjiajie, China. It is claimed to be one of the tallest and heaviest outdoor lifts in the world. Photo via

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest building, so it only makes sense it has the world’s fastest elevator. At 40 miles per hour, it takes the elevator only 35 seconds to climb 2038 feet to reach the top floor. Check out this awesome video taken from inside the elevator, the numbers are flying!

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