It’s the first weekend of summer and ’tis the season to head to the woods and commune with Mother Nature.

Fish on the lake, take a hike through the forest, start a bonfire, jump over the bonfire, ice your burned foot near the bonfire — these are all activities that define the summer.

But to true outdoors-people, a cabin isn’t just a symbol of summer. Some folks out there are so dedicated to rustic-chic that they can enjoy a cabin at any time of the year. To celebrate the versatility and pastoral beauty of the cabin, we chose some of our favorite images from the appropriately titled (don’t worry, it’s SFW)!

geodesic cabin

This geodesic cabin in Welches, Oregon would make any outdoor getaway more well-rounded. Photo via CabinPorn.

zero impact

“Zero Impact” is a climber’s cabin located on Mt. Blanc in Italy, the awesome design makes it look like a plan crashed into the mountain. Photo via LEAPfactory.

cabin on wheels

Although its home is in Omaha, Nebraska, this “Cabin on Wheels” is fully mobile and can turn any spot into a camp site. Photo via CabinPorn.

canada house

More traditional, yet totally unique, the “Canada House” is a small cabin in Algonquin Park, Ontario. Photo via CabinPorn.


Those seeking privacy would love owning a cabin like this one located in the middle of the Drina River near Bajina Basta, Serbia. Photo via Uros Petrovic.


Another more traditional facade, this cabin looks like it could star in any horror flick, this beautiful yet eery cabin is located on Sawmill River in Montague, Massachusetts. Photo via CabinPorn.

glass lodge

This glass cabin in Farellones, Chile, may not be the best for privacy, but every spot in the cabin is sure to have a breathtaking view! Photo via CabinPorn.

historic cabin Northern France

This historic cabin in Northern France looks like something out of a fairytale, we love the shape and old-world look. Photo via CabinPorn.

little red tree house

Although the shape may look like many cabins, there’s nothing ordinary about the color of this cabin in Lapland, Sweden. The owners clearly aren’t too worried about camouflaging in the woods. Photo via CabinPorn.

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