one-park-place-3-1024x682 A massive revitalization project for Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood is well underway with many companies coming together to help realize the community’s potential.

Concierge Plus was recently added to the roster of companies helping make the project a success. Working together with Daniels Home Management, Concierge Plus will bring condo communities like Paintbox and OnePark West online.

Concierge Plus, an online property management tool, was designed to open the lines of communication between residents, property managers, and board members, by simplifying everyday tasks.

By playing a supporting role in communicating events and important information throughout the community, Concierge Plus will make it easier for residents to come communicate and get together.

President of Concierge Plus, Peter Pietrzkiewicz said he is very excited about being a part of the project, and thinks Concierge Plus will help make the lives of Regent Park residents a lot easier when it comes to condo management.

“As part of the very ambitious Regent Park revitalization, Concierge Plus addresses a need for the ability to put technology into the hands of thousands of people that are going to be buying condos and investing in condos within all of these buildings,” said Pietrzkiewicz.

Being able to put technology in the hands of people who otherwise may not have it is what Pietrzkiewicz views as success. His company strives to help make people’s lives a bit easier, allowing them to avoid spending time chasing property managers for building related issues.

According to Pietrzkiewicz, reaction from the Regent Park community has been very positive towards the technology and people seem very excited to use it.

“The feedback has been tremendous,” Pietrzkiewicz said. “It really is simplifying the lives of property managers as well as everybody that’s living in the buildings.”

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