georgechristopoulos bild The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) announced this morning that it’s taking on George Christopoulos as their new Vice President Communications and Media Relations.

Until recently, Christopoulos acted as Mayor Rob Ford’s press secretary, a role that’s become known as the “impossible job.” After Adrienne Batra left the position to work as a columnist and editor for the Toronto Sun, Christopoulos joined the mayor’s office in February 2012. 

When news outlets reported seeing a video that allegedly showed the mayor smoking what appeared to be crack in May 2013, the scandal made global headlines, City Hall was shaken up and the mayor’s office saw a mass exodus of insiders. Just days after Chief of staff Mark Towhey was fired from his position, Christopoulos resigned from his role on May 27th, alongside Isaac Ransom, his special assistant for communications.

Christopoulos is no stranger to high-level (and high-stress) jobs. Before joining the mayor’s office, he worked on the Toronto Police Service’s communications team for roughly a decade. However, he started his media career in journalism, specializing in investigative work.

In the news release, BILD stated that they considered more than 150 communications and media relations professionals for the role. Christopoulos will start the job on July 2nd.

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