High-rise condos aren’t the only sort of elevated homes we appreciate here at BuzzBuzzHome. Our inner child — and inner Ewok — has a soft spot for any suite that can be reached with a rope ladder, not an elevator. And so, since it is nearly summer, we’re sharing with you our favorite towering treehouse designs. Enjoy!

The invisible mirror tree house

Invisible mirror treehouse

Regular BuzzBuzzHome readers may recall the famous “HemLoft” on Vancouver Island, which, by the way, was recently auctioned off on Craigslist.

Vancouer island treehouse

Another popular treehouse attraction in British Columbia is the tree-tower at the Enchanted Forest.


High-up, high-end homes. According to the Wall Street Journal, the luxury treehouse is a growing design trend. Here are a few examples:

upscale treehouse 2

upscale treehouse 3

upscale treehouse 1

This birdhouse-treehouse hybrid can accomodate up to 78 bird’s nests and at least two average-sized humans.

birdhouse treehouse As we reported in early April, a London-based design firm is working to install these lantern-like, partially transparent treehouses in one of the British capital’s parks.


And finally, here’s a ground-floor entry treehouse that would be perfect for a Keebler Elf.

Elf treehouse

Know of a more impressive treehouse design? Perhaps you’ve crafted and built one yourself? Share it with us on Twitter, we’d love to see it.

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