Your community park may have pretty trees and a couple of benches to sit on, but unless it’s one of the below examples, it probably doesn’t have an aerial greenway, a multi-level rooftop garden or life-sized dinosaurs. But our favorite city parks do…

Nestled beside a 30-storey tower, Namba Park in Osaka, Japan is an eight-level rooftop garden that spans several city blocks and features tree groves, rock clusters, cliffs and canyons, lawns, streams, waterfalls, ponds and vegetable patches. The project, completed in 2003, also includes a shopping mall, restaurants and an amphitheater.

Namba Park in Osaka, Japan

Because it’s an elevated park, the High Line on Manhattan’s West Side literally tops your community park. This railway-turned-aerial greenway has also spurred real estate development in the area, scoring it bonus points in our book.

High Line Park in New York

Not really a park, but this series of green spaces in the Pudong District of Shanghai are connected by the impressive Lujiazui Circular Pedestrian Bridge. Look at all of those shapes and colors!

Lujiazui Circular Pedestrian Bridge China

When the City of Boston tore up the John F. Fitzgerald Expressway they replaced it with the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a 15-acre ribbon of landscaped gardens, promenades, plazas, fountains and public art.

Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston

Think the mosaic tile backsplash in your kitchen really wows your dinner guests? The tile work at Park Güell in Barcelona is so impressively intricate that it almost makes visitors forget to take in the stunning views of the Spanish city.

Park Güell in Barcellona

Chicago’s Millenium Park is a stunning collection of architecture, landscape design, art, recreational facilities and pedestrian connections. Because the park sits atop a parking garage and transit station, it is considered to be one of the world’s largest rooftop gardens.

Millennium Park in Chicago

While it may not be Jurassic Park, Poland’s Silesian Zoological Garden has 16 full-scale dinosaur reconstructions, as well as a zoo that’s home to 2,500 live, non-extinct animals.

Silesian Zoological Garden Poland

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