To celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and the upcoming Memorial Day holiday in the US, we’re taking a look at the best camping gimmicks and inventions. From bizarre bunks to obvious outhouses, here are our top seven:

This hammock tent will protect you from uneven ground and ravenous packs of wolves.

Hammock tent

When nature calls in nature, have one of these ingenious camping toilet seats on hand, created Reddit user zmoore55.

camping toliet seat

For stargazers and exhibitionists: the inflatable bubble tent.

Inflatable bubble tent

Non-acrophobic campers will enjoy these tree-hanging cots.

Camping in trees

Even more extreme, a bunk that allows you to dangle off the side of a cliff.

cliff camping

Or how about this ironic and retro tent disguised as another camping classic: The Volkswagen van.

Tent VW Van

And finally, for the reluctant camper, there’s the luxurious “MyPlace” proposal — colorful, prefabricated pod-rooms that follow you to your destination.

Modular hotel rooms


Now get yourselves away from the condo and out of cellphone range — it’s camping season!

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