Edna's Kitchen Flickr Photo by Spin Spin It’s where you share dinner with loved ones, gossip over coffee, and if you work in the real estate industry, sign the documents that seal a sale. To countless homeowners, the kitchen ranks as the most important room in the house.

And a new Google-search study from OutRank by Rogers suggests that’s especially true for people hoping to renovate their living spaces. OutRank studied how their contractor clients appeared in website results for over 2 million searches in 2012.

When Canadians looked for a contractor online, over 850,000 searches used the word “kitchen”. The room was the focus of 44 per cent of keywords filtered through the OutRank database.

“The kitchen is an essential room and people take pride in making sure it’s stunning.” said Nick Rudnicki, contractor and owner of Rude Works, in the news release. “When most people call or email our company it’s because they feel their kitchen is no longer in style, but I’m from the East coast and we invented the kitchen party, so I get it.”

So are more people hoping to add extra value to their homes by gussying up their eating spaces? Or are they more willing to DIY their bedroom and rely on professionals for all the complicated electric and plumbing work of the kitchen?

Another possibility: perhaps kitchen are just more likely to show their age. The next room of the house to be linked to contractor queries was “basement,” which made up 36 per cent of searches. And considering all the 1970s-style downstairs rec rooms we’ve seen, maybe it’s a matter of how quickly these spaces can look outdated.

To see how the search terms broke down, check out the graphic below…

 Why Most Renovations Start In The Kitchen

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