Although some Torontonians don’t feel an affinity for the city’s graffiti artists, we at BuzzBuzzHome find the culture and the work fascinating.

While our Instagram account is peppered with great street art that we find around Toronto (and Vancouver, and NYC), we’ve gained a special appreciation for words and phrases artfully scrawled on buildings throughout the city’s core.

A few months ago we set out to document some of our favourite slogans. Where can you find these fantastic phrases? We can’t tell you exactly, but our map below will provide some hints! We also believe that true Toronto urbanites will already know where most of these can be found.

This is where it’s at

This is where it's at

One of Toronto’s iconic street art pieces.

Embrace this space

Embrace this Space

This outdoor mural was completed at the OCAD University Student Gallery in October 2012.

You’ve changed

You've Changed

This mural was created both as a positive message for CAMH patients and a comment on the rapid ongoing gentrification of the neighbourhood that it’s located in.

Why Not Now?

Why Not Now

UK artist Mark Titchner designed “Why Not Now?” in a traditional billboard style that’s reminiscent of his previous murals on display in Berlin, London and New York. Titchner spent time as an artist-in-residence at the AGO last year.

Tomorrow should be ours

Tomorrow Should be Ours

Another banner by Mark Titchner that was installed while during his AGO residency. Loving the colour palette in this one.

This is paradise

This is Paradise

A (relatively) old favourite created for a showing of a National Gallery of Canada collection titled “This is Paradise.”

Not another condo

Not Another Condo

While this might be a bit of a stretch, we couldn’t resist adding this condo-themed signage to the list. Classy stuff!

toronto street art map

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