Inside the Fairmont Pacific Rim penthouse, Canada's second most expensive property.Earlier this week we told you how luxury home sales declined in Greater Vancouver during first three months of 2013 — good news for rich people looking for a bargain. But despite the 29 per cent drop in year-over-year sales, the region is still home to the two priciest properties in the country.

In fact, to even be considered a “luxury” home in Vancouver, a property has to sell for $2 million or more. The benchmark price in Toronto is $1.5 million and just $1 million in Calgary.

We used the information provided by Re/Max luxury home report to track down the listings for the most expensive homes on the market, which, as mentioned, are both located in a city where high-end home sales seem to be declining.

2. The Penthouse at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Coal Harbour, listed for a cool $28.8 million

Most expensive property Canada

1. The $29.9 million six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home on Newton Wynd near UBC

Most expensive property Canada-1

Interestingly enough, the listing for what was Canada’s most expensive home – a $38 million teardown in West Vancouver – has been taken down. Perhaps it was one the 287 high-end home sales this year?

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