Hong Kong Rubber Duck A giant rubber duck is making a splash in Hong Kong!

The 54 foot bird made its debut in the city’s Victoria Harbour on May 2.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hoffman created the duck in 2007 and, since then, it’s traveled to many cities across the globe including Osaka, Sydney, and Sao Paolo.

Florentijm is best known for making large sculptures out of unconventional materials. In 2010, he created “Fat Monkey” a giant monkey made out of 10,000 flip flops in San Paolo, Brazil.

fat monkey The duck was built in New Zealand by a company that specializes in large sails, and is made out of polyvinyl chloride, one of the most popular types of plastic known for its durability, so odds are slim that the duck will deflate in the middle of Victoria Harbour.

The city’s latest attraction was not a surprise as Hong Kong media went on a duck hunt trying for weeks to get more info on the big bird.

Hundreds of people have already lined up along the waterfront to catch a glimpse of the piece.

duck_2552566b The duck will be on display in Hong Kong until June 19. Afterwards it will make a trip to an undisclosed location in the US.

We can only hope that the larger than life duck will make its way to Toronto’s waterfront! Maybe it’s worth writing your city councillor?

Photos courtesy of: The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, and florentijnhofman.nl

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