The “G” stands for “gym.” Or “gripe.”

In a push for better service on the MTA’s green-logo stepchild, Riders Alliance produced a cheeky video extolling the G Train workout plan.

In the short by Soffin Films, a frustrated Greenpoint resident breaks a mass transit-induced sweat with “the sprint” (catching the train), “the stretch” (reaching for a pole in a crowded car) and “the hike” (trekking to another line when the train is late).

Riders Alliance is petitioning for more frequent cars at rush hours and late nights, as well as improved communication with riders during delays and service changes. The petition also requests free out-of-system transfers to the J/M lines at Broadway at to the 9 subway lines at Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center from Fulton Street.

A Straphangers “State of the Subways” report card, released August 2012, revealed that the C train is the worst in New York. However, the G line did not receive a rating in the report, due to lack of reliable data.

In January, programmer Alex Barkan charted out two years’ worth of service-change announcements on Twitter from the MTA. According to Barkan’s findings, the F and Q had a higher number of service changes (i.e. delays) per station than the G.

However, we concede that data is apples-to-subway rats if you’re stranded at the Greenpoint Avenue station at 3am. Check out the petition here.

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