Sky City in China

May 31st, 2013 UPDATE: Just a week and a half after it was reported that construction on China’s Sky City tower would begin in June, developer Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) told Gizmodo that “Hopefully we’ll start in September.” But that still doesn’t change the fact that Sky City will, eventually, become the world’s tallest structure.

Original story: After significant delays, ground is finally set break on the 2,749-foot (838-metres) Sky City tower next month in Changsha, China.

Using prefabricated modules, BSB hopes to erect the next tallest building on Earth in just seven months (four months assembling the parts and three months erecting the structure). Despite all the delays, it’s still a wildly impressive pursuit when you take into account Sky City’s amazing features and specifications:

  • The tower will house over 30,000 people (4,450 families) and stand 220-storeys in the air
  • It will be nearly 33-feet taller than the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and will cost $140 per square foot — just 10 per cent of what it cost to build the Burj
  • Sky City is being built to withstand 9.0-magnituded earthquakes
  • The building will boast 92 elevators, 17 open sky gardens and four helipads
  • There will be a six mile long (9.6 kilometres) ramp running from the first to the 170th floor
  • For recreation and entertainment, there will be 56 different 30-foot high courtyards for basketball, tennis, swimming, and theatres, as well as 930,000-square-feet of interior vertical organic farms

Sources: Broad GroupTreehugger, Quartz

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