While it might not be in the same league as the world’s largest and most expensive home, the plan for what could become the world’s most expensive apartment is pretty ostentatious in its own right.

Proposed for the summit of the still-under-construction, 49-storey Tour Odeon in Monaco is a 10,499-square-foot multi-level home with a giant infinity pool and waterslide. The lavish balcony area would also be surrounded by a glass barrier to protect pool partiers from peeping helicopters.

But will the dazzling design actually make it past the drawing board? According to CNBC, maybe not.

“It’s just one thing the developers are talking about,” a representative of the marketing firm behind Tour Odeon told the news service.

If it is built, the price tag would be in the $250-million range, topping the $221 million flat in London’s One Hyde Park development.

More renderings of Tour Odeon’s penthouse plan:





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