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The largest panoramic photo ever taken comes from the top of London’s 581-foot-tall BT Tower. The images, comprised of 48,640 individual frames, were captured on four Canon EOS 7D cameras shortly after the London 2012 Olympics. The resulting 320 gigapixel vista has an interactive website where users can zoom in on subjects that are miles away for a high-resolution close up.

The London Eye ferris wheel from afar:

largest panoramic image in the world-2

And zoomed in:

largest panoramic image in the world-1

According to BT London, if the panorama were printed at normal photographic resolution, it would be almost as tall and as wide as Buckingham Palace (323 feet by 77 feet).

In fact, the image is so high-resolution, you can clearly see people’s faces and license plates which are not blurred out like they are in Google Street View.

A little strange, but also impressive. Try out the interactive website here.

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