pinnacle grand park 2 The condo community is gradually embracing the power of the mobile app, but not everyone is using the medium to its full potential.

When Pinnacle International set out to create an iPad app for its Grand Park 2 project in downtown Mississauga, it knew it required a useful and engaging app that would add real value to the buyer’s experience.

The Pinnacle team tapped ADhoc, the acclaimed interactive studio, to create the unique app experience the developer sought.

“We, along with the Pinnacle team, evaluated why people use apps and what makes a great app experience,” said Tim Ng, a partner at ADhoc.

“We didn’t want to simply create an app for the novelty of just having an app — like many apps out there. A great app experience is when the design is intuitive and when users keep using the app. To keep users engaged, this app was built to house all of Pinnacle’s featured projects. It really has the potential to be a virtual sales centre and to learn everything about Pinnacle and what they have to offer.”

There are still many who haven’t harnessed the potential of the mobile app. By being an early-adopter of mobile technology within the real estate industry, Pinnacle sets itself apart from its competitors.

“People are spending more time on mobile apps than the internet,” said Ng.

“By the end of 2016, there will be 665 million tablets in use worldwide, according to Gartner Inc. We feel that in the next few years, a good mobile app will be more important than your website.”

Have a look at some screenshots of the Pinnacle Grand Park 2 iPad app below and check out its page on the iTunes App Store.

pinnacle grand park
pinnacle grand park 4
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