Smoggy, dirty city living got you worn down? A brief stint in a freaky-zen-cool invisible treehouse could fix that concrete fatigue.

A London-based design firm is working to install lantern-like, partially transparent public structures in one of the city’s parks, encouraging residents to spend more time outside in nature.

The bespoke domes, called Invisible Structures, are made from laser-cut, sustainably sourced timber ribs and a selection of eco-friendly skins (the fabric kind, not the Buffalo Bill kind). Their transparent skins allow them to blend into the environment, and they can be used to host live music shows, theater, multimedia productions and even restaurants.

The firm, Invisible Works, aims for the structures to stay in the park for 10 years, letting visitors enjoy new creative experiences in the natural world.

“A lot of people who look at parks think they should be untouched, unspoiled places,” Ed Shuster, project director, said in a statement. “We’re really saying that people need to be able to use this space, and people are living in a technologically developed city. How do we integrate these two things together without harming the environment, but enhancing it?”

According to the Invisible Structures site, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are fans of the project, which is no surprise. If you painted some of these eco-pods black, they’d fit right in a Burton movie (pictures courtesy of Invisible Structures):



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