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Tired of the high cost of living in your current city? Looking for a new locale where your money will go further? Sounds like you’re ready to become an expat. Well, guess what? There’s a web app for that.

Expatistan is a user-generated cost of living index that allows users to compare the cost of living between cities around the world.

“Think of it as a Wikipedia for prices,” Expatistan creators explain on their website. “At the moment, there are around 600,000 prices entered by 152,000 users in 1,461 different cities.”

The system works on averages — the more data that’s entered, the more accurate the index and the calculations will be.

“If you ask one person what the price of beer in New York is, he may be wrong — he may even be wrong by a long shot,” the website’s FAQ reads. “But if you ask 150 people, and you average their answers (in a clever way), then there’s a very good chance that the answer will be pretty accurate.”

Every data point a user enters falls into one of six categories: food, housing, clothes, transportation, parental care and entertainment. So if you’re a Vancouverite in search of cheaper rent or real estate, consider moving to Montreal, which has 19 per cent more affordable housing, according to Expatistan (at the time of publication).

Or maybe you’re a cash-strapped New Yorker willingly to relocate out of the country. Consider Salta, Argentina, which is 261 per cent cheaper than the Big Apple — and warmer too.

Try out the app for yourself here.

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