(L-R) The Core Assets founders: Jordan Rasberry, Adam Brind and Paul Siksna

As far as trends in real estate are concerned, it’s hard to ignore the rising dominance of online and discount brokerages. That’s why Core Assets, a new boutique firm with an actual brick-and-mortar presence, caught our attention.

Launched at the end of March, the brokerage recently moved into new digs at 142 King St. E. and will focus on residential and commercial advisory services. Built on the express purpose of helping clients reach financial goals, it’s clear that the company aims to treat real estate as a long-term investment.

“We have a planning side at Core Assets where we’ll sit down with the clients and, depending on how in-depth they want to go, we may invite a tax lawyer to the table, or their accountant, to really truly plan out a future in real estate,” explained Adam Brind, the Co-founder and Broker of Record of Core Assets.

“We’re using real estate as an investment vehicle for their future.”

Both Brind and his partners Paul Siksna and Jordan Rasberry worked at Re/Max Condo Plus before starting their new venture together. They noticed clients were coming to them with complex needs that went beyond one-off, residential purchases.

“What we were finding was that we were not just helping people buy their first condo or their next house, but we were also helping them invest in the future by helping them buy mulitplexes or duplexes and in some cases, commercial buildings,” said Brind.

The full-service firm is a step away from what Brind refers to as the “transactional” nature of many of the discount firms and online-based services that are becoming a bigger presence in the market.

And as the tide continue to turn towards e-brokers, Core Assets seems to have found a niche market for a different kind of firm. Perhaps that’s further proof that everything that’s old is new again.

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