bbh data With Calgary and Toronto‘s new condo markets already closely examined by our crack team of number crunchers, we’re moving on to Montreal in this edition of BBH Data.

Before we dive into the data, let’s get the basics out of the way. The figures below are taken from new construction data publicly available on our site and are for the Montreal area, including Laval.

Make sense? Okay, let the fun begin!

The average price of a new condo suite in Montreal is $260,607 according to unit pricing information currently available on BuzzBuzzHome. The average price of a studio/one bedroom is $236,845 while the average price of a two bedroom is $259,761. The average price of a three bedroom unit is $332,909.

The highest suite price is $2,225,000 (at 333 Sherbrooke) and the least expensive suite is $114,602 (Rosemont sur le Parc).

Not enough data for you? Okay, let’s do a lightning round:

  • The average condo suite size is 899 square feet.
  • The largest suite is 3,089 square feet at Carrefour Station and the smallest is 323 square feet at Altoria.
  • Estimated price per square foot is currently sitting at $216.

Look out for more BBH Data coming your way soon!

Methodology: All data is based on unit plans found on BuzzBuzzHome. To increase accuracy, each average and estimation has been adjusted to exclude 10 per cent from the top and bottom of the data.

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