70slivingroom The home is an intensely personal space. How you choose to shape, design and decorate your living space can communicate volumes about your personality and aesthetic tastes.

And while newsstands groan from the weight of magazines that will tell you about every new micro-trend and exactly which throw pillows and bathroom tiles you need, some interior ideas are best left forgotten.

Some styles have largely gone the way of the rotary phone, but many of them can still be found in both hip urban lofts or side street bungalows. They’re either hard on the eyes or just too hard to pull off in real life.

Here’s a list of some of the design trends that make us cringe, whether they’re old-fashioned or entirely on-trend:

All-white and utterly impractical

White decor

Photo via a whitecarousel.com

There was a time when it seemed like a crisp, all-white room was the epitome of luxury. It was like J-Lo was your best friend and you were just going to sprawl out all day in your sexy late 90s apartment! But an entirely blanched-out home is no fun if you enjoy drinking coffee, red wine or… living. Plus, experts say you should avoid all-white, so bring on the colour!

Mid-century modern designs that will probably kill your children

Midcentury homes

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A railing on your staircase? Pfffft that looks so cluttered. There’s a blog devoted to pointing out how the minimalism and sharp angles associated with mid-century dream homes will end up with your kid being rushed to the ER for stitches. While fans of clean lines will surely defend this trend, it’s probably not a great idea for a house with wee children or the naturally clumsy.

Pretty much anything associated with the 1970s


Photo via blogs.nordstrom.com

Here’s a rather ominous fact: the 70s, the decade responsible for such heinous trends as macrame, faux wood-panelling and shag carpeting in blah brown and bright orange, has made a mild comeback. We say leave the all-avocado bathrooms, velour sofas and seizure-inducing patterns where they belong – your parents’ basement rec room.

DIY saturation meets poor Martha Stewart skills


Photo via Craft Fail.

We blame Pinterest for this. All those fancy photos of “easy” projects that promise to uplift abandoned filing cabinets or beat-up dressers have lead to wasted weekends and countless tears. Refurbishing your own furniture sounds like a great way to save on money and bore house guests with anecdotes of your fix-it skills. But for those of us with few hammer and modge podge talents, even the allegedly no-work decorating projects can end in craft fails.

Princess Rooms and Man Caves

Princess bedroom

Photo via hookedonhouses.net

It’s amazing how the idea of home stuff that appeals to both guys and womenfolk has been flung out the window in favour of man zones and little girls’ bedrooms trussed up to like the Disney Store. We get that your home style should reflect your personal taste and all, but somehow, as decorating has become a lady-thing, you end up with testosterone-heavy living rooms and pink tool sets.

Oh so-cozy carpeted bathrooms

Carpeted Bathroom

Photo via Uglyhousephotos.com

Having all kinds of carpeting was once proof that you had arrived so people started covering absolutely every possible surface with rugs sometime in the middle of the 20th century. Sorry grandma, but even though it’s great for cold feet and muffles sound, we will never be a fan.

Industrial Overload

Industrial Apartment

Photo via dornob.com

Exposed pipes in your living space and furniture salvaged from factory parts can be cool, especially in uber-modern suites. But sometimes a warehouse conversion can end up looking more warehouse than condo. There’s a line where edgy, industrial styles crosses over into something that only Kraftwerk would find homey.

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