Harry Potter lego Hogwarts castle

Behold, an architecturally accurate Lego Hogwarts, built out of 400,000 pieces.

What’s truly amazing is the playable L-shaped structure was built by a single person: Seattle resident and mother-of-two Alice Finch.

In an interview with Lego fan blog The Brothers Brick, Finch says she got into Lego building about five years ago while playing with her two sons, aged four and nine. She was inspired to tackle the Hogwarts castle because the official Harry Potter Lego sets, well, kind of suck.

“I understand why Lego makes sets that are only finished on one side and accessible on the back, but I’ve been to many of the places in Oxford where they filmed [the Harry Potter series] and I knew what they really looked like and I wanted to build my own version that was architecturally accurate with four walls and a roof, minifies scale, and also playable for big and little hands,” Finch told Brothers Brick.

Lego Hogwarts won “People’s Choice” and “Best in Show” at last year’s BrickCon (yes, of course there is a Lego convention). The castle includes scenes from all Harry Potter books, including the final duel between Harry and Voldemort in Deathly Hallows. It took Finch 12 months of work over an 18-month period to complete.

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Photos via Alice Finch’s Flickr page.

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