Soon your roomba will seem like a throw-back to a quainter time. Designers are hard at work, souping up some of the most basic pieces of furniture to make life easier, more comfortable and a whole lot weirder.

We’ve already explored solid chocolate lamps and interactive floors, but that’s just the tip of the bizarre-design ice berg. The list below will make you feel like a Jetsons-style life is just around the corner:

 Never miss a shot with this kinect-based trash can. Bonus points go to engineer Minoru Kurata for his dapper presentation (he looks ready for the prom!). Source: Device Mag


We’ve been hearing a lot about sustainable, long-lasting design. But you know what else is cool? Self-destructing furniture. This chair self-destructs after just 8 uses. Source:


Mattress commercials insist their product will make you feel like you’re floating on air. And you can really feel that way with this magnetic floating mattress. Just lie back, get out your comb and waxpaper and make your own hover noises. Source:


 The “Gesture” office chair is no slouch: it moves with you, providing continuous as you hunch over you computer or tablet. Source:


The over-stuffed “pet stool” unfurls so you can play with it. Too bad it kind of resembles a stomach and intestine. Source: Core 77


Though it looks like it should hatch an alien life form, that pod is actually a bed. Or, a pod bed if you will. It comes with light-emitting diodes synchronized to music and a waterbed pad for maximum relaxation. Source: Geek Sugar

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