Kickstarter has revolutionized the way creative people receive funding for their amazing projects. Since the crowdfunding site launched in 2009, over $500 million has been pledged to fund a wide range of smart, helpful and downright brilliant products and services.

To get started all you need to do is design your project page on Kickstarter, set your funding goal and let the community loose on it. It’s remarkably easy if you have a genuinely good concept.

Naturally, there are some killer products that relate to our favourite industry. Explore some of Kickstarter’s coolest real estate projects below…

Walhub Functional Switch Plates

Most people would look at Walhub, the functional switch plates with built-in storage, and ask, “how has anyone not thought of this before?” Therein lies the genius of the product. Promising easy installation and allowing for users to store just about anything (within reason) on there, Walhub more than doubled its funding goal.

The project was created by Upswell, a partnership between a San Francisco design studio and a US manufacturer. Smart stuff…

This Stool Rocks

Want to spice up your living space with some innovative seating? This Stool Rocks is the stool for you. Created by a UK-based design firm Fabsie, This Stool Rocks reached 30 per cent of its funding goal. With 32 days to go, the future is looking bright for this cheekily-named, precocious piece of furniture.


Prizm gives homeowners the ability to control lights, door locks, security sensors and thermostats from your smartphone or tablet. The device launched to make living spaces more functional, convenient and secure. “Because Prizm is based on one of the world’s most popular home networking standards, it will work with hundreds of devices available from major retailers from the moment you receive it,” Prizm’s creators wrote on their project page.

Prizm launched on Kickstarter on March 8th and has already hit $12,691. It still has a long way to go to hit its $200,000 funding goal, but it’s off to a strong start!


Is LIFX the future of the lightbulb? Looks like a lot of people thought so, because this LED lightbulb that you control with your iPhone or Android received over $1.3 million from 9,236 backers.

Wi-fi enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored and smartphone controlled: it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a lightbulb, right?


Lumio appealed to our inner design geek. This multi-purpose lamp promises to be adaptable, portable, versatile and it looks pretty. Providing high output quality lighting, Lumio ensures you’re not missing anything. To top it all off, it folds into a compact book only 1″ thick. You can contribute to this project until March 15th, but it doesn’t look like it needs your help…

Home Aquaponics

Grow fresh produce in the comfort of your own home. Sound good? Of course it does! But what if the plants cleaned the water for your pet fish and, in turn, the fish waste naturally fertilized your plants. Fresh produce is cool and all, but a closed loop ecosystem on your coffee table is far more appealing.

Hop on the Aquaponics Garden project page to learn more about this amazing product.

Whiskey Rox

Ice cubes are finally passe. Who wants an 18 year old Macallan diluted by melted tap water anyway? Rox are stones designed to chill your whiskey, coffee, beer or wine. Ice cubes in beer is a major faux pas. Rox in beer? That’s a huge win for both you and cold beer.

The creator of Rox requested a modest $2,500 in funding. He received over $90,000. It must have been a better idea than he thought…

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