Money Sense's best cities in Canada Calgary, Oakville, Burlington and Saanich, BC are among Canada’s best cities — at least according to Money Sense magazine’s annual rankings.

Perennial “most livable city,” Vancouver, didn’t even crack the top 50, instead ranking 52nd. Toronto came in at number 28 while Canada’s second largest city, Montreal, ranked 134th.

Money Sense’s considers a number of factors when compiling their report, including affordable housing, weather, income, crime rates, population growth, and even the amount of people who bike to work.

The top rated city was Calgary.

“Housing may expensive in Calgary, but home ownership is manageable thanks to above-average household incomes,” explains Money Sense. “That’s not the case in many of Canada’s other big cities, where high home prices far exceed residents’ ability to afford them.”

Four other Alberta towns were included in the top 10: St. Albert (number two), Strathcona County (number four), Lacombe (number eight) and Lethbridge (number nine). Other Western locales like Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Edmonton all ranked higher than Canada’s three largest and most high-profile cities.

“The economic boom in Canada’s resource-rich Prairie provinces has clearly impacted the fortunes of Canadians living there,” the report says.

Money Sense admits that it’s impossible to gauge many of the elements Canadians treasure most about their cities, like the nearness of family, friendly neighbourhoods or even delicious restaurants — which, you have to admit, the low-ranked major cities have plenty of.

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