Wreck Room Bushwick 1 If the windows are a portal to a building’s soul, the toilets inside are… well, you can complete that analogy. The Tumblr Toilets of New York chronicles the commodes in the city, one bar bathroom at a time.

The not-safe-for-lunch Tumblr was created by graphic designer Ian MacAllen, who lives in East Williamsburg. The inspiration for the project, which mostly features cheerfully grimy toilets from Brooklyn dive bars, came to MacAllen when he was in the bathroom in one of his favorite hangouts. 

“I realized someone was taking a whole lot of time on these bathrooms,” he told The New York Observer. “They’re really delicately curated, both the objects in them and the wallpaper.”

He started posting photographs last December, and the privy project recently hit a milestone — the graffiti-spattered bathroom from Welcome to the Johnsons in the Lower East Side was the 50th toilet featured on the site.

“There are probably a bunch of people who design these bathrooms and are never going to get the recognition they deserve,” MacAllen told The Atlantic Cities. “If it inspires some other people to take more time, a little more care, building a more interesting bathroom in their establishment, I think that would be a worthwhile result.”

Some of our favorite snaps below, ranging from the unabashedly grungy to the quietly rustic:

Wreck Room, Bushwick

Wreck Room, Bushwick

Duck Duck East Williamsburg

Duck Duck, East Williamsburg

Tutu's, East Williamsburg

Tutu’s, East Williamsburg

Welcome to the Johnson's, Lower East Side

Welcome to the Johnsons, Lower East Side

Mable's Smokehouse, Williamsburg

Mable’s Smokehouse, Williamsburg

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