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Polar Umbrella’ is a buoyant arctic building proposal that’s designed to save the planet and serve as a popular tourist destination.

Internal chambers within the structure would rebuild the arctic ice caps by freezing ocean water and reducing the surface’s heat gain. The structure would also boast research labs, renewable power stations, dormitory-style housing, ecological habitats for wildlife and eco-attractions.

Derek Pirozzi’s Polar Umbrella is the latest winner of the annual Skyscraper Competition held by architecture magazine eVolo. Last year’s winning entry was another planet-saving proposal: The mountain-high skyscraper designed to store water and regulate its use.

This year, eVolo received 625 entries from 83 countries, including plans for a series of floating buildings that look like giant jellyfish;

evolo skyscraper design 2

The “Soundscraper,” which would capture sound and reduce noise pollution;

evolo skyscraper design 4

A network of buildings and bridges covering the entire circumference of the earth (because, why not?);

evolo skyscraper design 5

And a skyscraper that would “harness clean energy from active volcanoes.”

evolo skyscraper design 3

All the competition’s top-ranked designs can be found here.

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