Geotube building the grows4

Picture here is a proposal for a Dubai building that would grow on its own by absorbing salt water. From California-based architecture firm Faulders Studio, GEOtube‘s design was created specifically for Dubai’s unique environment.

“The building sucks up water from the Persian Gulf (the source of the world’s saltiest ocean water) through a 4.62 km underground pipeline, and then sprays it over its mesh façade,” explains Fast Company. “The water will evaporate in the hot Dubai sun, leaving behind crystallized salt deposits: voila! Windows. …it’s unclear how well a wall of salt will protect GEOtube’s interior from overheating (is this just a big, saline greenhouse?), it is a handy solution to fixing broken panes.”

Structures that are almost alive… is this the next evolution in green building technology?

Geotube building the grows3

Geotube building the grows

Geotube building the grows1

Geotube building the grows2

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