Stockholm data centre cave We all know that when it comes to creating an inspiring work space, its hard to compete with Google. The online behemoth’s Israel office is outfitted with everything from orange trees to indoor slides.

But they’re not the only company that’s reinventing the work environment (though we have to admit, another one of their headquarters did pique our interest).

From over-sized hammocks to secret caves, we’ve compiled a list of the awesome, inventive and outlandish work spaces from across the globe:

Most whimsical

Oh Pixar. Your animated movies are so gosh darn cute, it’d be downright upsetting if that sense of magic didn’t translate to your work environment. The Californian office comes with cartoonish furniture, an arcade and games room and cubicles that look like cottages. Check out the photo from

Pixar office California

Most Nap-tastic

Sometimes you just want to catch a little snooze on your lunch break. While the desk-bed combo that debuted on Seinfeld has not hit reached critical mass yet, Business Insider pointed out the enormous, wall-sized hammock at Google’s Pittsburgh office. Just lie back and let the gentle swaying lull you into your 3 pm power nap.

Google Pittsburgh office

Most Secure

About 30 meters below the streets of Stockholm lies an atomic bomb shelter that’s been revamped into an office and data center for a Swedish internet service provider. As Coolist points out, it looks like the secret lair of a Bond villain thanks to its rocky walls and hidden-away location. But at least its eco-friendly. The cave-office is heated with waste heat from servers and there are living green walls to keep employees in touch with the above-ground world.

Stockholm data centre cave

Most monstrous

The Saatchi & Saatchi office in Bangkok, Thailand is pretty out-of-sight. The reception desk is on wheels and looks like a big white bus and bicycles replaced the legs of a large glass-top conference table. But one of the oddest features in the ad agency’s work space is a 20 meter-long (65 feet) monster wall whose jaws form a bookshelf. As Coolhunter notes, the lizard-like wall’s skin is “constantly redecorated with current work and inspirational items.” Because there’s nothing more inspirational than giant reptiles, right?

Lizard wall

Non-traditional, super-fun offices may seem like a movement towards a freer and more open work environment. But some critics believe they point to a more sinister trend (even if they don’t come with monster walls). suggests “when your office resembles all the places that you go to escape work, maybe there is no escape from work itself.”

That just takes all the giddiness out of having a slide in the office, doesn’t it?

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