Bad Dog Orange County Museum of Art In February, we posted a story about an Amsterdam-based artist who was helping camouflage unsightly urban structures using mosaic tiles.

And while we admire that subtle way of drawing attention away from the eyesore on the street, there’s something to be said for communicating your displeasure over an unseemly-looking building in a very big – and totally irreverent – way.

At the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, the retrospective exhibit ‘Richard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain’ has an…interesting outdoor component: an 8.5 metre (or 24-foot) tall black Labrador that has one leg outstretched over the side of the building.

Jackson told the Orange County Register that the temporary sculpture, dubbed “Bad Dog,” was meant to be funny.

“I understand that Newport Beach has traditionally been a conservative community. But this is an art museum. This piece of art is making a commentary or statement.”

So far, locals seem to be getting a kick out of the colossal canine. There’s even a pump attached to the sculpture that regularly squirts yellow paint onto the building facade.

Though Jackson hasn’t articulated of his exact opinion of the building, Pop Up City made the case for why the museum’s architecture deserves to be scorned: “As the whole facade has no windows or doors it doesn’t have any connection with the space around it. These kind of spaces ask for disrespectful treatments. Although the artwork is not very kind for the building, we have to conclude that it obviously shows the courage of the museum board that commissioned this work.”

All we can say is that we really, really hope this technique will be adopted by the Pug Awards when they annonce the least popular buildings in Toronto. Though naturally, they’d have to use a different breed.

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