crowd Must be something in the soda—er, water: for the first time in 60 years, more people moved to the city than left it in 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office announced Thursday.

All five of the city’s boroughs grew in residents, for an estimated total population of 8,336,697, an all-time high, according to figures from the US Census Bureau.

There was a net influx of 12,200 people in 2012, with most of the newcomers moving from abroad. There were also more births than deaths in the city the previous year — hooray for positivity!

The population gain in 2012 was the first of its kind since 1950, when the Census Bureau started calculating the number of people moving into and out of New York. Prior population spikes have been a result of surplus births, rather than people moving.

“We have many indicators of quality of life in the city – record low crime, record high tourism, record high life expectancy, record high graduation rates, record job growth and more – but there’s no better indication of the strength of our city than a record high population and a net population influx,” Bloomberg said in a statement.
“People are voting with their feet.”

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