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Attention to all dudes: there’s a Pinterest for men, and no, we’re not talking about GQ.

The ironically-nonironically named Manteresting allows gents of the bacon/beer/broads persuasion to save and share cool images. Instead of Pinterest’s “like” and “repin” function, users can “bump” or “nail” a bro-ticularly bro-worthy bro-pic.

We’ve rounded up the best home decor stuff from the site below. Enjoy.

manteresting 1 wood shower

A shower isn’t a shower unless if it’s supported by grizzled wooden beams.

manteresting 2 galvanized shower

Better yet, try this galvanized, corrugated metal shower, so you can emerge victorious from your morning ablutions like you just straight-up killed a man in a shipping container.

manteresting 3 toolbox sink

Yes, this is a toolbox sink. Because bathroom vanities are for weepy handkerchiefs.

manteresting jack daniels bottle soap 4

For the discerning man who bathes in Jack Daniel’s.

manteresting 5 LED faucet nozzle And washes his hands with laser beams from this LED faucet.

manteresting 6 tree counter

Forget hand-cut “marble” or “granite” — it’s not a real counter space until you’ve stormed into the woods to rip a tree from his crying tree-wife and tree-children and mounted his mangled corpse in your bathroom.

manteresting 7 windmill ceiling fan

No lame fans for us; we want the whole windmill.

manteresting 8 floating stairs

Real men don’t need handrails.

manteresting 10 couch

… but they do need Eye-of-Sauron seating for all their bros and people-who-aren’t-bros.

manteresting 11 hammock

And after a hard day of grooming, hunting trees and running up invisible stairs, they settle down in a gigantic hammock to dream of Teddy Roosevelt or Kate Upton.

As the final word, we’ll leave you with the 404 error page from Manteresting:

manteresting 404

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