The Man who sells property on the moon Since 1980, 65-year-old Nevada resident Dennis Hope has been “selling” plots of land on the moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Io (one of Jupiter’s 67 moons).

Hope’s bizarre real estate career is the subject of the New York Times’ mini-documentary The Man Who Sells the Moon, by Toronto filmmaker Simon Ennis.

In the short, Hope points out that the United Nations’ 1967 Outer Space Treaty states: “No nation by appropriation shall have sovereignty or control over any of the satellite bodies.”

“[The treaty] doesn’t mention anything about individuals,” Hope explains.

And so he filed a declaration of ownership with the UN who never got back to him about any “legal problem” regarding his claim.

Hope says he has sold about 600 million of the moon’s 10 billion acres to more than 5.7 million people across 193 countries so far. Each plot of land goes for $24. A true pioneer, Hope envisions building a lunar embassy…

“The pyramid that we’re building will have embassies for every government on this planet, including some of the non-Earth-based governments that we are in touch with occasionally, which I can’t speak about too much, but they are here, and they are in existence, and they’ll have embassies there as well.”
Dennis Hope.

We wonder if the architectural firm that wants to build a 3D-printed moon base has bought a plot of land…

Watch the documentary here.

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