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Despite the ominous predictions about the economy and recent reports of slow growth in Canada, the labour market appears to be showing small signs of perking up.

The Conference Board of Canada recently released the Help-Wanted Index for January 2013 and overall, it looks like the nation may be seeing a turn around after a rough start to the year (22,000 jobs were shed in January).

Though forecasts for progress have been middling, Alan Arcand, the Principal Economist at the Conference Board of Canada, said the overall growth of the economy should still be robust enough to support moderate job creation.

The ratio, which measures the number of unemployed workers to the number of online job ads in cities across the country, saw a bump in “Help Wanted” ads in 25 of 27 urban centres.

And the two cities that didn’t see a spike, St. Catherines-Niagara in Ontario and Sherbrooke, Quebec, only saw modest declines, earning them “stable” labels from the Board.

The top performers weren’t limited to a specific region. The “Technology Triangle” of Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo saw a good boost as did Saint John and Victoria.

Check out where your city stands in the charts below…

Help-Wanted Index Cities

Help-Wanted Index Top Performers

Help-Wanted Index Bottom Performers

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