Google tampon This week we stumbled across the above Google predictive text gem, courtesy of @SpringRealtyInc. While we still don’t have any clue what a “bidding war tampon” is (tweet your best guesses to @BuzzBuzzHome, but no pictures, please), we were curious what other absurd real-estate search queries lurked in the heart of Google.

After all, Google’s predictive text is merely a reflection of our collective hopes and desires, when our curtains are drawn and we’re absolutely sure no one is looking at our laptop screens. So we wiped our browser histories clean and fired up our search-engine skills to come up with the best examples of normal real estate questions gone horribly, horribly wrong.

First up, the standard bashing of real estate agents and odd condo smells:

Google realtors

Google condo

Although some homes are more pleasingly scented:

Google mahogany

But then things got a little monster-infested:

Google monsters

And ugly-anthropomorphic (do not send us any photos of lonely, unattractive skyscrapers rubbing together, either):

Google sad skyscraper

… before segueing into the oddly poetic. After all, is not our house your house, both in Spanish and the international human language of love?

Google spanish

Naturally, as Godwin’s law dictates, it all comes down to Hitler:

Google hitler

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