Landscaping It’s the time of the year to clear out the dead leaves and dried-up pine cones that spent the winter on your front lawn.

Today marks the first day of spring and many homeowners mark the equinox with grand plans for sprucing up their green spaces.

But before you pick up a trowel and start poking around your back garden or front yard, we thought it might be prudent to remind you that growing your home’s curb appeal is an exercise fraught with, well, failure.

A roundup of some of the weirdest ways home owners have plotted their yards and gardens, including some efforts that would make Mother Nature shudder:

We can hardly fault Scottsdale, Arizona homeowners with having patches of dry grass or drought-ridden lawns. After all, the desert state regularly suffers from water shortages. That said, we wonder what could have been done to save this poor palm tree. Perhaps it could have at least been chopped down to put it out of its misery? (Image from Ugly House Photos)

Dead Palm Trees

These mushroom-like embellishments call to mind the wonders of the forest and meadows full of – okay, maybe not. But we tried, we honestly tried to make sense of why someone would take Styrofoam bowls, fill them with cement, and glue them to the tops of a bunch of bricks. (Image from Home Owner Rut)

Concrete mushrooms

You all see the big white bunny too, right? (Photo by ms.sandra, h/t to Offbeat Home)

Bunny House

The lovely thing about shells is that you can quite often hear the pulsing of waves when you hold them up to your ear. However, the sound of the sea must be deafening on the front lawn of this California home. (Photo by allotrope, h/t Offbeat home)

weird shell house

This little guy breaks our heart. Though we admire the effort put into planting him on that vast expanse of prairie, he’s clearly lonely and needs another tree or a some shrubs to keep him company. (Photo via Lovely Listing)

Lovely listing

Thought the alternate of letting things get a little wild out front is hardly any better. (Image from Lovely Listing).

Forest house

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