We admire futuristic people-tracking floors, photon showers and self-destructing furniture like the next home-tech geek, but sometimes you just need an old-fashioned Dyson that vacuums fire.

The daredevils at Photonicinduction splashed tubs of gasoline on pavement, tossed a match and vacuumed the ensuing blaze. The ridiculousness starts at the 1:55 mark in the video above. The vacuum cleaner used in the experiment wasn’t even brand new; according to the video description on YouTube, “This machine had done a year of clearing up broken CRT, and nuts and bolts in Photonicinduction’s room. The missus now has a new DC50.”

This should be obvious, but kids, don’t try this at home. Although the next time you’re vacuuming the carpet before hosting a Game of Thrones viewing party, you are completely entitled to shout, “Fire cannot kill a Dyson.”

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