Snow White 1 The most recent rendition of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, complete with politically progressive touches (Cinderella criticizes the kingdom’s cruel policies and hands her glass slipper to the prince, rather than leaving it in a midnight-induced tizzy) got us thinking about modern-day fairy tales.

Specifically, modern-day fairy tales and real estate.

Sure, every princess’ happy ending involves an upgrade to a big castle, but what about when inventory is low and most homes barely have space for a moped, let alone a pumpkin-turned-four-horse-carriage?

Never fear, woodland-creature whisperers and glass-slipper aficionados: we’ve got your contemporary castles right here. Musical sequences and wicked stepmothers not included.

Snow White101 West 87 by Bazbaz Development

Despite the appellation of “Fairest of Them All,” Snow White is a pretty humble gal; her ideal digs would be refined, but warmly approachable. Nestled in the historic Upper West Side, 101 West 87 would offer our apple-loving heroine choice, roomy one- to four-bedroom apartments with private outdoor space and a courtyard garden. The wide-plank European-oak floors, custom white oak cabinets, polished white quartz counters are the sort of natural-beauty finishing Snow White would appreciate, and Central Park is just a block away, in case she’s nostalgic for the days of living in the woods. Also, that Summit wine cooler should come in handy when the seven dwarfs come over for dinner.

101 West 87 exterior

101 West 87 kitchen

101 West 87 living

Cinderella455 West 20th Street by The Brodsky Organization

Naturally, Cinderella of the rags-to-ballgown transformation would favor a drastic condo conversion with loads of historic appeal. In the case of 455 West 20th Street, fairy-godmother The Brodsky Organization renovated one of the oldest continuously inhabited public buildings in New York and added a brand-new, freestanding annex. The “West Building,” originally constructed in 1836, will have residences with custom-made crown moldings and baseboards, along with at least one wood-burning fireplace in every home. The new-construction Annex Building features a brownstone base with brick upper stories, cast-stone lintels and elegant “expressed” bay windows along 20th Street.  We bet that Cinderella would enjoy the Old World/New World aesthetic, and the two-story glass atrium connecting the two buildings would be a clever callback to her marriage-launching glass slipper.

455 west 20th street exterior

455 west 20th street atrium

Belle – The Printing House Condos by Belvedere Capital Real Estate Partners and Angelo, Gordon & Co.

A bibliophile like Belle would go starry-eyed for The Printing House‘s industrial chic. This revamped West Village icon features sixty new residences with fifteen-foot ceilings, double-height living rooms and eleven-foot windows that let in plenty of natural light — a must for any heroine who’s had to share dining-room space with sentient tableware. With the landscaped private mews, brand-new townhouses, Intelligent Nest thermostat and full-service concierge, Belle can curl up with a book as long as she pleases and avoid boorish Gastons on the street.

Printing House condos exterior

Printing House interior

© Donna Dotan Photography

Ariel – 185 Plymouth Street by Alloy Development

Did you think Ariel was going to live in a home without easy access to the water? 185 Plymouth Street‘s Dumbo location near the East River gives Disney’s resident mermaid dreamy views of Manhattan, and the building’s expansive lofts mimic the freedom of the open seas (well, we’ve never actually lived in the ocean, but go with us here). The ceiling heights will be 13 to 14 feet, and the homes will have private outdoor space, in case Ariel has kept her hoarding tendencies on dry land.

185 plymouth exterior

185 plymouth street interior

Rapunzel – The Clock Tower by Two Trees Management

Okay, Rapunzel’s stint as a resident-of-one in a big tower might have soured her on super-tall buildings, but this triplex penthouse at The Clock Tower in Dumbo would give her killer views, as well as the freedom to, you know, leave as she pleases. The ceilings, which soar from 16 to 50 feet, guarantee that she’ll never feel like a shut-in, while the custom kitchen by Canova is sure to delight even the pickiest of captor witches. In addition, the master bath lets Rapunzel gaze at the Manhattan Bridge from the comfort of her soaking tub while she conditions her long, long hair. Speaking of her legendary locks, the penthouse’s private elevator is a much more stable form of transport, if slightly less exciting than shimmying up golden braids like a chivalrous, stupid Boy Scout.

Clock Tower interior

Clock Tower interior 2 Clock Tower bathtub

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